My First AUGI India HotNews Article

Update: IN-Motion, a Motion and Dynamic Simulation Addin for Autodesk Inventor has been launched by us.

Update: Video tutorials on usage of IN-Motion for Dynamic Simulation of Autodesk Inventor Assemblies.

AUGI is the Autodesk User Group International, officially recognized by Autodesk as representing the Autodesk user community. AUGI has two prime directives. The first is to assist its members by presenting programs and information that will enhance their use of Autodesk products. The second is to deliver the voice of the user community to Autodesk, thus assisting Autodesk in product development and giving users a say in the process.

AUGI is a free community with a lot of benefits for its members. You can join it by clicking on the banner to the left.

AUGI has a publication division which publishes the following two CAD related magazines/ e-zine

  1. AUGI World : It is the official publication of AUGI, is a bimonthly magazine designed to help readers improve their use of Autodesk products and learn new techniques. Every issue is packed with product tips & tricks and other technical fare, CAD management issues, and education trends.
  2. AUGI HotNews: It is the monthly newsletter written for AUGI members, brings them up to date on the latest from AUGI, Autodesk, and the Autodesk community. With feature articles, product tips, special offers and announcements, HotNews keeps AUGI members in the loop.

Like any other active community, AUGI has spread across the world in the form of Country Chapters and Local Chapters (City wise). I belong to AUGI India Chapter and Bangalore Local Chapter. Recently, I got an opportunity to write an article about Inventor Customization in AUGI India HotNews September 2008 edition. I have tried to keep it simple and logical that even a person without much or any programming experience can understand it. You can find the article at AUGI India HotNews page, go to September 2008 edition and my article is listed as Autodesk Inventor API and Customization. The article is titled “Autodesk Inventor API and Customization for Dummies Part – I “. As evident from the title, I intend to write more articles for AUGI which would continue from where I have stopped.

If in a hurry, you can also download the article in pdf from here.

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